ANU Festival of Improvised Music

sam andreae ANU Festival of Improvised Music


Live on Curious Ear Radio - This Friendship Is Sailing

sam andreae Live on Curious Ear Radio - This Friendship Is Sailing


..Live on Curious Ear Radio is a treat, something that anyone who has been drawn to the weird, eclectic and edgy sounds of modern British improvisation shouldn’t miss out. Actually, to be more exact, anyone interested in modern improvisation. The origins of this music, if that has any historical significance for the here and now of all of us, come from the early days of British improvisation and everything (like the Company nights that were curated by Derek Bailey) that happened around the radicalism of Incus Records..

Both sessions, on both sides, are refreshing attempts on anything goes free collective improve, a mix of older generation improvisers (like Maggie Nicols who has been a pioneer working with a lot of important musicians) and a newer generation of improvisers. The pairing is amazing, because they share the same ethos in music making, one that it seems that has never died but still remains alive within the wide variety of musics that can be called free improvisation.

Both sessions feel like long stories that follow a thread that comes into being at the spot. Gurgles and voices, homemade junk (either be it “real” instruments or electronics), reed noises and a constant chatter of ideas and irony. One the best albums I’ve heard in a while. Don’t get fooled by the comparisons to the past, I only tried to provide an aesthetic lineage. This music stands on its own and is, absolutely necessary to be heard.

Fotis Nikolakopoulos, FreeJazzBlog

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“Plugged into our impossible online room, triangulated between Beijing, London & Manchester via autonomous noise unit, we clicked here and there to tune into each other and quickly imagined an ecstatic Morbid Angel covers band, riding waves of device distortion and 5000 miles of time delay. I was on an aural noise high for hours after the session just like that first time seeing LOUD bands in the Princess Charlotte in Leicester as a kid, inaudible, cloth eared to the teachers at school the next day. A private underwater sound joy.”

  • D.B

Autonomous Noise Unit (A.N.U.)

sam andreae Autonomous Noise Unit (A.N.U.)

Autonomous-Noise-Unit Autonomous-Noise-Unit Autonomous-Noise-Unit Autonomous-Noise-Unit

ANU was the culmination of a 6 months research and development project I undertook with Noise Orchestra (David Birchall & Vicky Clarke) with expert guidance from Tom Ward (aka Madwort).

Foley Theatre in a Box : Ten Acres of Sound

Committed Comix cover by Chris Welch Committed Comix cover by Chris Welch

Foley Theatre is an irreverent and improvisatory approach to Foley sound making for graphic novels. This will take the form of “Foley Theatre in a Box” which participants use to record their own sound scores. In relay style, this is then passed on to the next participants, who repeat the process. The end result is a collage of sounds recorded in relay at different locations.

Everything required to make the recordings will be packaged up and each participant will be tasked with recording a number of sound elements to accompany selected short graphic novels as well as documenting the process. Clear instructions and equipment provided! Estimated time for the recording session is between 1 and 2 hours. You will then be asked to deliver the Foley Orchestra to the next participant. If this requires a visit to the post office suitable stampage will be provided.

The graphics we’ll be focusing on are a selection from comix printed at Artslab in the 70s by the publisher Ar:zak. At this time Birmingham was one of the key locations for underground zine and comic printing and publishing with the first ever UK underground comix convention happening here in 1976. Expect teacher androids gone rogue and beautifully poetic space exploration. There’s a good blog about this period in time and space here.

After all recordings have been made, and “Foley Theatre in a Box” returns to Artefact, I will spend a manic weekend editing together all the sounds and graphics into 2 videos which will be presented at Stirchley Reading Room the following week.

*cover artwork above by Chris Welch (left) and Suzy Varty (right)

Hello Foley Theatre participants!

Thank you for enrolling on the Foley Theatre in a Box workshop at 10 Acres of Sound 2020! The box is starting it’s travels on th 12th of September and will continue until the festival week itself.

This is of course an exceptional time to be running and participating in a festival, so your willingness to be involved is much appreciated. The 10 Acres of Sound team will be putting together a schedule for the workshop sessions and transport of the box, you should receive detailed info from them about this. These are the instructions for completing the workshop in your own home, please participate as an individual, with friends or with family. You should allow 2 hours to complete the workshop, longer is of course allowed.

If you need any help with the instructions (sorry, I know they’re quite long), or if there are any technical issues please call or message me on the contact number or email provided.

After all participants have completed their recordings I will edit them together into soundtracks for the comics we’ve worked with. This will be presented in video format as part of the 10 Acres of Sound post festival exhibition along with the comics themselves and some documentation from the sessions.

Thanks again and please enjoy your noise making fun!


You can get in touch with me via phone / Whatsapp / Telegram or Email with any questions. Please send the requested documentation via these channels too. My email is contact[at], phone number will be provided seperately.

Foley Theatre Instructions

The Foley Theatre in a Box will contain the following items:

  • ZOOM h1n recorder with stand, power supply & spare batteries
  • headphones
  • microphone cover
  • 2 x comic strip photocopies
  • colored pens
  • diverse Foley sound objects
  • hand sanitizer (please use before and after the session, thanks)

Set up the ZOOM recorder as in the instructions below.

If everything seems in order then follow these instructions to begin creating your Foley recordings:

1) You will find 2 comics in the box, pick one to start with and read through it. Imagine what sounds are happening in the images you see. These could be things explicitly depicted, or they might be things out of frame. You may imagine atmospheric or soundtrack audio which spans several comic frames, or sounds concretely linked with discrete actions.

2) Choose one of these sounds and using the colored pens provided, draw it onto the comic where it occurs. This can be a visual representation of the sound, or a text description.

Drawing instructions Drawing instructions

3) Experimenting with the objects provided, try to create the sound you are imagining. This will be a trial and error process, many objects can create unusual sounds unrelated to their actual function. Think about the properties of the sound you are searching for. Is it smooth or rough, continuous or sudden, high or low pitched, is it made up of several different parts or just one clear element? You may need to combine different objects to make the sound you are after. Try putting on the headphones and listening to objects when held close to the recorder, it’s possible to capture unexpected results when listening up close. There will also be many objects around your home which may be useful for sound making. Some food items (which I unfortunateky couldn’t include) make good crunching and cracking sounds (carrots, cellery, cabbage etc..).

ZOOM recorder instructions ZOOM recorder instructions ZOOM recorder instructions

4) When you have a method for creating the sound you should practice it a few times until you’re confident in reproducing it. Now you need to record it following these steps:

  • position the recorder near to the sound source
  • put the headphones on
  • check levels, if the audio sounds distorted or the peak meter flashes you should turn down the input volume a little
  • press record!
  • say your name, location, what sound you are recording and where it relates to the comic
  • perform your sound
  • stop recording

If you aren’t happy with the recording, just record once more following the previous steps, no need to delete anything.

5) Repeat steps 2 - 4 choosing a different sound to annotate and recording each time. Make between 5 and 10 sounds for each comic.

6) Along side doing the recordings, please take some documentation of yourselves in action. Some photos and/or short videos would be great. You can send them to by email or phone. This documentation may eventually be included in the final video or other public channels, so only send things if you are happy with this.


Heroine by Suzy Varty

Heröine, March issue 1978
designed by AR:ZAK
printed and published by ARTS LAB PRESS
11, Gosta Green, Birmingham


The Legend of Bigfoot by Steve Bell

Committed Comix, 1977
printed and published by AR:ZAK the ARTS LAB PRESS
11, Gosta Green, Birmingham


ZOOM recorder instructions

The ZOOM recorder is a popular device for recording good quality audio. Don’t worry if you’ve not used one before, the steps below outline how it should be used.

ZOOM recorder instructions

1) Remove the ZOOM recorder from it’s box and attach the screw on stand

2) Choose one of the colourful mic protectors and place over the microphone. This is to protect against wind and breath which can cause distortion, and also for hygine reasons. Once you’ve finished the workshop this can be discarded.

ZOOM recorder instructions ZOOM recorder instructions

3) Insert headphones into the output jack socket (don’t put them on yet).

ZOOM recorder instructions

4) Attach the microphone stand to a secure table where you will be recording your sounds. Screw the stand attachment into the bottom of the zoom recorder and insert the mic stand.

ZOOM recorder instructions ZOOM recorder instructions ZOOM recorder instructions ZOOM recorder instructions

5) If you can, plug in the recorder to a power supply, otherwise use the batteries provided. Switch on the recorder. When it has powered up, click or rub your fingers close to the microphone, you should see the level meter move up and down. If it is constantly at the top of the meter, or the peak meter is flashing then turn down the input volume a bit. Repeat until the peak meter doesn’t light anymore. We want the volume level to be in the middle, not too low so it’s very quite, but also not too loud so that we hear distored sound.

6) Put the headphones on and check you can hear audio coming through the device.

7) To record, simple press the record button on the front. When you want to stop, press it again.

8) To listen back to your recording press the play/pause button to start and stop playback. For repeated listening press the back button.

Finally :-}

Well done!!! I hope you’ve had fun and made lot’s of noise.

Now all that’s left to do is pack up the box (good luck!) and pass it on to the next participant. The Artefact team will have been in touch to tell you how this will work. At the end of the relay all recordings will be sent back to me (Sam) and I will edit them together along with footage of the comics, into a video work. This will be presented as part of the 10 Acres of Sound post festival exhibition at Stirchley Reading Room along with the comics themselves and some documentation from the sessions.

Thank you!

Antiuniversity Now 2020

sam andreae Antiuniversity Now 2020

The Antiuniversity is an ongoing programme of self organised radical learning and mutual education events. It is a collaborative experiment to challenge academic and class hierarchy - in, outside and against existing institutional structures.

We went online this year and still managed to have an ace opening party and The Jago!

antiuniversity now 2020 antiuniversity now 2019

Mio Ebisu - Word for a day

sam andreae Mio Ebisu - Word for a day

I was lucky to be able to spend new Year in Japan this year, mostly in and around Tokyo. As part of the trip I assisted in installing Mio Ebisu’s solo exhibition. My main job was building a large cup of tea replica. I constructed a frame out of timber and then wrapped multiple layers of thin plywood around the outside.


UVW Brass Band

sam andreae UVW Brass Band

The newly formed UVW brass band has been out and about the last few months, most recently with workers who are on strike at St Mary’s Hospital. Good news there is that the strike has ended in a victory, UVW says:

“In an unprecedented campaign and historic victory, 1,200 cleaners, caterers, and porters were made direct employees of Imperial College NHS Trust after one of the longest NHS strikes in history!”

uvw band

Antiuniversity Now 2019

sam andreae Antiuniversity Now 2019

The Antiuniversity is an ongoing programme of self organised radical learning and mutual education events. It is a collaborative experiment to challenge academic and class hierarchy - in, outside and against existing institutional structures.

This year I joined the organising team for Antiuniversity Now. I also helped run a childcare event where we made anti-fascist milkshakes ;-p there were too many good events to list them here, check the archived programme for full details.

antiuniversity now 2019 antiuniversity now 2019



klangkeller summer festival klangkeller summer festival klangkeller summer festival

Summer Party Friday 13th & Saturday 14th of July Friday Evening Kino Program Fri Jul 13 2018 19:00 - 24:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// The Peoples Foley Theatre 15 minutes Live performance of improvised Foley music - - along to a comic strip score. //////////////////////////// Rieko Okuda/Antti Virtaranta/Kamil Korolczuk/Oliver Orthuber 30 minutes Rieko Okuda - voice, electronics, viola; Antti Virtaranta - kontrabass; Kamil Korolczuk - electronics; Oliver Orthuber - visual art //////////////////////////// FAF 30 minutes 2 fluffy ferrets romping on their playground. //////////////////////////// Ido Bukelman - Solo 25 minutes Acoustic guitar & banjo //////////////////////////// Documentation: Mariana Carvalho Friday Evening Keller Program Fri Jul 13 2018 19:00 - 24:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// the entertainers’ dry eye 30 minutes christoph rothmeier drums + synthie + voc The entertainers’ dry eye, the scenario of a multimasked solo entertainer, playing it’s way through an acrobatic cocktail of minimal pop and noise fragments. //////////////////////////// Hermann Müntzin/Adam Pultz Melbye 20 minutes Hermann Müntzing: Electronics, Adam Pultz Melbye: Double Bass //////////////////////////// Kamil K + Adam Frankiewicz 35 minutes Kamil Korolczuk — tapes and electronics Sound collage made of field recordings, rhythmical textures, found tapes and all kinds of noise //////////////////////////// opera maleta 35 minutes Lorena izquierdo, voice & performance art Ulf Mengersen, double bass Eric Bauer, modular Al García, drums //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed Saturday Evening Keller Program Sat Jul 14 2018 19:00 - 24:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// CORPORAL MECHANISM 20 minutes CORPORAL MECHANISM is an immersive performance, done by Camille Laurent and Stefanie Egedy, that puts the audience with other spatial and sensorial perceptions using light impulses and sound waves. //////////////////////////// SKlation 30 minutes Modern creativ trio (Piano, drums, cello) from Dresden - free improvisation //////////////////////////// Yr Lovely Dead Moon 30 minutes experimental electronics/performative music //////////////////////////// Stepha Schweiger & Adam Goodwin 42 minutes NOW I’M A PLANT (release) and new production with Stepha Schweiger (vocals, keys, sounds) & Adam Goodwin (double bass) //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed Saturday BBQ and Performances Sat Jul 14 2018 13:00 - 18:00 in the ĥof //////////////////////////// Visible Poem 30 minutes With high and low technology devices Leila Monsegur and Romulo Alexis propose a performance in which the manipulation and the overlayers of elements will present other relations between the visual and sound scopes. Through the convergence of visual arts, shadow theater and improvisational music, the duo will develop an immersive experience in which their devices, mixed sculpture and installation, will serve as the basis for their Expanded Cinema. //////////////////////////// dirar kalash 20 minutes oud or whatever resonator //////////////////////////// Animismos Impetuosos 15 minutes Seht Zhan (outdoor postmodular) Anni Lattunen (body and movement) //////////////////////////// Collection of beautiful things. 1 minutes A small exhibition of beautiful things by Mio Ebisu. //////////////////////////// Golden Dark 30 minutes Golden Dark (David Hull - vocals, guitar; Elo Masing - violin) is a duo of musical nonconformists that moulds their meanderings through uncharted sonic territories into subconscious songs, creating a melange of moods that cannot leave the listener untouched. //////////////////////////// Aziz Lewandowski & Sam Andreae 30 minutes .’’. .’’. . ’’ :\/: . :\/: (/ .:._\/_ : /\ : .’.:.’. .’’.: /\ : ./)\ ‘:’* /\ * : ‘..’. -=:o:=- :\/:’.:::. ‘ ’’ * ‘.'/.’ (/’.’:’.’ : /\ : ::::: _\/_ -= o =- /)\ ‘ * ‘..’ ‘:::’ * /\ * .’/.'. ‘ * .. : * * //////////////////////////// You are a circuit 10 minutes Collective performance by Tomomi Adachi //////////////////////////// “SELF REVERSING”, by Olga Kozmanidze 20 minutes reversed singing //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed Saturday Evening Kino Program Sat Jul 14 2018 19:00 - 24:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// Natalia Pschenitschnikova : „Zangezi / Birds 10 minutes Voice performance based on a poem of Velimir Khlebnikov //////////////////////////// Richard Scott & Insa Langhorst 20 minutes Glass Parade: Audiovisual film and modular synthesiser //////////////////////////// People Who Scrape, Construct, and Shoot 35 minutes Kaoru Ishikawa/scrape a chair, Kae-san/voice & sound performance, aveuna/streaming live video from Tokyo //////////////////////////// Leila Monsegur and Mariana Carvalho 20 minutes Leila Monsegur (clarinet, projection), Mariana Carvalho (prepared piano). Improvisation. //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed

Live in Beppu OUT NOW

sam andreae Live in Beppu OUT NOW

LIVE IN BEPPU is released into the world. I’m really proud of this release, it was the result of a three day residency with many fantastic people in Beppu, this is a recording of the concert we performed as a trio at the end of it. Thanks to Hinago-san at ReNTReC for hosting the gig and recording it, everybody at Beppu Project/Platform 05, Bodies at Play friends and colleagues: Arthorymen, Mio, Rina, Ono-kun (also for taking the cover photograph), Kazusa-san, Hino-san, Chigusa-chan and Tayuu-san and Kotobuki Onsen and Onsenmeister where we took the cover image.


sam andreae Hyperpunk

This CD is available now on the Sound Anatomy label. I joined the core Lightning Ensemble trio of Richard Scott, Philip Marks and David Birchall on several tracks. Recorded by Sam Weaver on the 5th floor of Islington Mill, Salford. What the trio have worked on together over many years is somehting really special, a shared improvising method that I very much enjoyed being a part of.


sam andreae KLANGKELLER Season 2

KLANGKELLER is a night I founded in berlin in 2016, this second season of events is hapeening between December 2017 and March 2018. The organising team is Mio Ebisu, Klaas Hübner, Neo Hülcker and myself. We are lucky to be located at K77 which is a cooperative house with it’s history in the artist squats of the 80s & 90s. A team of us manage the events, and each night has 3 slots which performers can freely sign up for. This first season featured:

KLANGKELLER is a performance and exhibition space for art, music and theory. It works on the basis that experimentation and spontaneity are crucial for a living and reflective art practice to survive. Each KLANGKELLER night has 3 presentation/performance slots (45mins, 20mins and 5mins) which members of the changing KLANGKELLER family can reserve directly 1 month, 1 week or 1 day in advance.

#012 [BLATT 3000 #09 Release Special] Fri Dec 15 2017 20:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// sediment&smog 45 minutes simon berz (lithophone&electronics)klaas hüebner (hardrives and power suplies) //////////////////////////// come whatever may 20 minutes christopher jakobi (guitar&electronics) //////////////////////////// Cybernetic Gamelan Future Automaton 5 minutes Cybernetic Gamelan Future Automaton with Sam and Andreas //////////////////////////// Documentation: Mio Ebisu #013 Fri Jan 19 2018 20:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// Karen Power & Johnny Chang 20 minutes Field Recordings & String Instrument (acoustic/tuned/live/amplified) //////////////////////////// The Living Room 5 minutes the virtual reality experience Liebig12 residency exhibition by Soramame //////////////////////////// Audience Choice Films The Last Angel of History OR Ultra-red Practice Sessions 45 minutes “The Last Angel of History” directed in 1996 by John Akomfrah and written and researched by Edward George of Black Audio Film Collective, is a 45-minute science-fiction documentary that deals with concepts of Afrofuturism as a metaphor for the displacement of black culture and roots. OR Ultra-red’s three-part “Practice Sessions” video introduces the basics of the sound art collective’s practice. Adopting the conventions of an instructional video, the video walks viewers through the steps in what the collective calls, militant sound research. //////////////////////////// Documentation: Sam Andreae #014 Fri Jan 26 2018 20:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// _/|___ |== 45 minutes Aziz Lewandowski - solo Violoncello //////////////////////////// Neo and Sam 5 minutes play some very small pieces. //////////////////////////// Ultra-red “Practice Sessions” 20 minutes Ultra-red’s three-part “Practice Sessions” video introduces the basics of the sound art collective’s practice. Adopting the conventions of an instructional video, the video walks viewers through the steps in what the collective calls, militant sound research. //////////////////////////// Documentation: Neo Hülcker #015 Fri Feb 09 2018 20:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// Painting of improvised story. 45 minutes Mio Ebisu will make a painting based on her improvised random story. *oil painting //////////////////////////// The memories of the artist couple 20 minutes Short films by various Japanese artists inspired by Alpha Project which is a studio setting of special effect in 70’s in Japan . //////////////////////////// Neo, Sam and Andreas 5 minutes play some more very short pieces. //////////////////////////// Documentation: Sam Andreae #016 Fri Feb 16 2018 20:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// “But I think… “ 20 minutes free Improvisation with voice and electronics Marina Schlagintweit //////////////////////////// The memories of the artist couple 5 minutes Short film by various Japanese artists inspired by Alpha Project which is a studio setting of special effect in 70’s in Japan . by Yoh Yasuda Naoko Nakamura, Kiichi Kawamura, Takeshi Tanabe //////////////////////////// Bathing Trio (Andreae/Birchall/Willberg) 45 minutes “Shared Acts of Bathing” The Experience. Improvised music and memories from an Onsen. Live in Beppu CD Launch at much much more. (Saxophone / Bass / Guitar). //////////////////////////// Documentation: Aziz Lewandowski #017 Fri Mar 09 2018 20:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// program to be confirmed //////////////////////////// program to be confirmed //////////////////////////// Simon Rose and Joshua Weitzel 45 minutes Improvised. Baritone Saxophone and Shamisen duo. //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed #018 Fri Mar 23 2018 20:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// Seht Z & Surprise Ensemble 20 minutes Seht Zhan is back in town and will perform improvised pataphysical music with surprise guests. //////////////////////////// program to be confirmed //////////////////////////// program to be confirmed //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed

Pixelache festival

sam andreae Pixelache festival

Myself and Laura Weber presented some documentation from HOFFNUNG 3000 and talked a bit about the thoughts behind the festival and what happened there. This years Pixelache Festival had a focus on how space in cities can be reclaimed/occupied by the communities that live their.

Workshop for SVAMP @ Asbestos

sam andreae Workshop for SVAMP @ Asbestos
  • Helsinki
  • Workshop of my compositions at Asbestos in Helsinki
  • with SVAMP

Workshop for SVAMP at Asbestos in helsinki where we rehearsed and performed some of my graphic scores.

“SVAMP is a regular meeting place for people (musicians and non-musicians) to improvise sound and music together and try out various exercises, games, examples and experiments. And to just play freely. And most of all, to listen.” SVAMP, Helsinki


sam andreae HOFFNUNG 3000
  • Berlin
  • decentralized and anonymized festival for art, music and theory
  • with participants
  • 📚 external link 📚

HOFFNUNG 3000 was a festival for music, art and theory in Berlin initiated by BLATT 3000 together with KLANGKELLER. It was an experiment in social, artistic and theoretical collaboration. HOFFNUNG 3000 did not have any curatorial themes, instead we asked one main question: How do we organise ourselves in our social, artistic & theoretical communities?



sam andreae LUME Fest
  • Iklektic, London
  • LUME Fest at Iklektic in London

Super festival organised by Cath and Dee at LUME, I performed with Sloth Racket and the LUMEkestra, who also played a new composition of mine.

Bodies at Play

sam andreae Bodies at Play
  • Platform5, Beppu
  • 3 day installation performance with local artists in Beppu, Japan
  • with Mio Ebisu, David Birchall, Otto Willberg, Arthorymen, Mio, Rina, Ono-kun, Kazusa-san, Hino-san, Chigusa-chan and Tayuu-san

3 day residency at Platform5 in Beppu. We worked together as a group in the space and constructed what turned out to be somewhat like a sound and image play area ;-) it was quite a unique experience for all of us I think, with very little discussion we inhabited the space together and allowed different events and pieces to emerge over time.


workshop @ VERANTWORTUNG3000

sam andreae workshop @ VERANTWORTUNG3000
  • Prädikow, Germany
  • workshop and performance of new pieces
  • with Beate Absalon, Bettina Mileta, Yulan Yu, Ole Jana, Roman Hagenbrock and Max Schweder

The second workshop at VERANTWORTUNG3000, this time we wrote three new pieces in smaller groups and performed them the next day. One piece was based on copying in pairs, another on voting for the ending with balloons and the last on body contortion and release.

workshop @ VERANTWORTUNG3000

sam andreae workshop @ VERANTWORTUNG3000
  • Prädikow, Germany
  • workshop and performance of “curiously tea she said”
  • with Felix Hautzinger, Mauro Hertig, Malte Kobel, Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg, David Meier and Yulan Yu

One of the two workshops I ran at VERANTWORTUNG3000 festival at an old farm building outside of Berlin. this session was really special, somehow very ritualistic, we listened to a full recording once in the bar afterwards and then due to accidental deletion it was lost forever. This video is all that’s left, the audio from it was later released :-)

Soramame @ VERANTWORTUNG3000

sam andreae Soramame @ VERANTWORTUNG3000
  • Prädikow, Germany
  • video and performances works

While having a brilliant time at V3K me and Mio (aka Soramame made these videos and exhibited them in the residency under-stair area.

more videos: 1 2 3 4

Everyone, Always, Honestly

sam andreae Everyone, Always, Honestly

This is a composition for trio, or multiple trios, first performed and developed with Laurie Tompkins, Suze Whaites and Otto Willberg. The idea is to have a process for making graphic scores, rather than a singular definitive score, which will then be interpreted in predefined ways ways during performances. In this first series the focus is on communicating your interpretation of the score to your fellow performers in a very immediate and spontaneous way. The parameters you’re working with are public/private and voice/object.


sam andreae KLANGKELLER Season 1

KLANGKELLER is a night I founded in Berlin in 2016, the first season of 10 events happened between April and December of that year. We are lucky to be located at K77 which is a cooperative house with it’s history in the artist squats of the 80s & 90s. A team of us manage the events, and each night has 3 slots which performers can freely sign up for. This first season featured:

#001 Laurie Tompkins and Suze Whaites

#002 Richard Scott, Lan Cao, Gregor Siedl and Adam Pultz Melbye

#003 Klaas Hübner, Laurie Tompkins and Suze Whaites

#004 Casey Moir, Gregor Siedl, Samuel Hall and Sam Weaver

#005 Dale Gorefinkel, Peter Farrar, Richard Scott and Julia Reidy

#006 Otto Willber, Mio Ebisu, Sam Andreae and Rogier Smal

#007 Julia Reidy, Laura Weber, Adam Pultz Melbye, Sam Andreae, Shasta Ellenbogen and Klaas Huebner

#008 Alexander Frangenheim, Niklas Fite, Sam Andreae, Vilhelm Bromander and IGNITE

#009 Andreas Dzialocha, Sam Andreae, NOR, Lan Cao

#010 Kelly Jayne Jones, Laura Weber, Christopher Jakobi, Mio Ebisu, Malte Kobel and Niklas Fite

BLATT 3000

sam andreae BLATT 3000

My first ever attempt at writing words and having them published… big thanks to the Berlin based BLATT crew for letting me have a go. You can see some of the text here as well as the composition I’m writing about. Or of course, you can order the magazine itself (which I would of course recommend).


sam andreae Solo

Very happy to have my debut solo record released on Manchester label Tombed Visions. It was recorded expertly in my basement in Macclesfield by Jon Tippler. Here are a few words people have said about it:

“Solo” reviewed by Daniel Spicer, The Wire, 2015

“Andreae delves into an impressive vocabulary of skilfully controlled overtones, rapid keypad flutters and fragile harmonics, glistening like filaments held up to the light.”

“Solo” reviewed by Paul Margee at Louder Than Noise, June 2015

Sam Andreae plots a new course for the saxophone in this album of solo improvisations

Curiously Tea She Said

sam andreae Curiously Tea She Said

A graphic composition for large improvising ensemble exploring small units of repeated material and displaced interactions. With this piece I was interested in putting up barriers to challenge the usual formal patterns which occur when larger ensembles improvise together. The very natural desire to mimic and find mutual consensus is challenged with arbitrary mental processes.