KLANGKELLER is a performance and exhibition space for art, music and theory.
with Sam Andreae, Aziz Lewandowski, Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio, Seht Zhan and Klaas Hübner

Klangkeller is a series I organised at Kastanienallee 77 in Berlin between 2015 and 2018, it continues now and there is a great group organising. The summer festival happens every June, here’s this years progamme.

klangkeller summer festival klangkeller summer festival

SUMMER FESTIVAL 2019 Friday Evening Keller Program Fri Jul 12 2019 19:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// situation 3 30 minutes voice, poetry, performance art and experimental music //////////////////////////// broken interface 10 minutes why is it so hard to press the right buttons? get things done quickly. play some chopin. //sound//piano//brokenkeys//improv-piece //////////////////////////// Featuring Jukka Kaariainen 42 minutes Jukka Kaariainen is an electric guitar player from Helsinki, Finland. This is a concert featuring him with Berlin Musicians //////////////////////////// illuminatedEffectSection 30 minutes drones and noises //////////////////////////// Documentation: Juliette Braga SUMMER FESTIVAL Friday Evening Kino Program Fri Jul 12 2019 19:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// Seht Zhan & Eric Bauer 20 minutes electroacoustic improvisation //////////////////////////// Smog aka Klaas Hübner 20 minutes improvisation with electromagnetic fields //////////////////////////// Impro, Visuals and Opera 42 minutes The free improvising trio incorporates fragments of opera with visual elements. Ligia Liberatori - vocals Edith Steyer - clarinet, alto saxophone, Guilherme Rodriguez - cello Katia Vonna Beltran - visuals //////////////////////////// Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson 20 minutes solo finger-style acoustic guitar music, all original compositions, a Sydney-based musicians and philosopher. //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed SUMMER FESTIVAL Saturday Evening Keller Program Sat Jul 13 2019 19:00 in the keller //////////////////////////// SKaBlitzer 30 minutes //////////////////////////// Stanimirovic/Craig 20 minutes Marina Stanimirovic - computer and voice Daniel Craig - computer and electronics An improvised collage of various sounds from some machines and the world beyond those machines.
//////////////////////////// Paloma Carrasco López / Samuel Hall 30 minutes H E X Paloma Carrasco López - Cello Samuel Hall - Drums / Percussion / Electronics Celebrating the release of their debut recording //////////////////////////// Schrödinger 42 minutes Florian Kolb, drums Pablo Lienhard, no-input mixer //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed SUMMER FESTIVAL Saturday Evening Kino Program Sat Jul 13 2019 19:00 in the kino //////////////////////////// improvised landscape by f:rar 20 minutes solo electronic improvisation on modular synthesizers //////////////////////////// Richard Scott & Insa Langhorst 42 minutes electronics & film //////////////////////////// Kaj & Andreas 10 minutes Kaj Duncan David (computer, electronics, ewi) and Andreas Dzialocha (computer, electric bass) present for the first time what they’ve been working on for a few days //////////////////////////// Amir Bolzman 20 minutes Live Electronics - Computer and speakers //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed SUMMER FESTIVAL Hof Program & BBQ Sat Jul 13 2019 13:00 in the hof //////////////////////////// LAGOS 30 minutes marta sainz, voice (ES) & enrique zaccagnini, percusión(ES)+ more… //////////////////////////// S. Hopper & Rosa Fernandes 30 minutes on the run //////////////////////////// The People’s Foley Theater 30 minutes Workshop/performance of live Foley - - using a graphic novel as our score. This will be a (short) guided workshop where we explore tactics and practice how to perform Foley as a group, we will be working with a scene from The Adventures of Tintin: Breaking Free, an anarchist parady of the Tintin series - //////////////////////////// El cangrejo y el caracol ||| Der Krebs und die Schnecke 30 minutes Lorena Izquierdo - voice, action poetry ||| Aziz Lewandowski - cello, voice //////////////////////////// Golden Dark 30 minutes A duo of musical meanderers presenting a selection of subconscious soungs. //////////////////////////// Ido Bukelman Trio - 3 Songs 20 minutes The new trio presents a debut performance of three original songs, in the ancient language of the Hebrew man. Ido Bukelman - Banjo, Vocal Aziz Lewandowski - Cello, Vocals Borys slowikowski //////////////////////////// Documentation: to be confirmed