In both composition and improvisation I am intrigued by the processes and systems that function just bellow the surface of what we perceive to be music. Our own thoughts, senses, physical needs, emotional states and perception of others´ actions are as much a part of music as tonality, instrumentation or style. I see the act of music making simply as a series of interconnected actions and as an improviser or composer within this context I try to use a vocabulary that expresses these interests. This has lead me to explore the saxophone as a “sound object” rather than a musical instrument, striving for an objectivity within sound and a gestural approach to playing that places music in a wider context of art and performance. In my compositions I use these “background” elements as musical building blocks to create systems that performers can function freely within, the focus is placed on action and intention, with the aural results becoming products of this gestural process.

“Andreae delves into an impressive vocabulary of skilfully controlled overtones, rapid keypad flutters and fragile harmonics, glistening like filaments held up to the light” 

- Daniel Spicer, The Wire (2015)

Selected projects/performances:

September - Residency with UK improvisation group Sloth Racket at Lancaster Jazz Festival including developing new works and participating in jazz development discussion groups
August - Resident at VERANTWORTUNG self-curated festival, running compositions workshops and performances with musicians and artists (Brandenburg, Germany)
June - Netherlands and Germany tour with Otto Willberg and Rogier Smal
May - Sloth Racket UK tour (Arts Council England supported)
April - UK tour with Richard Scott´s Lightning Ensemble
February - Composition and article published in BLATT3000 magazine (Berlin)

November - Guest lecturer at The Royal Northern College of Music, working with composition and improvisation (Manchester, UK)
October - Awarded the DJBFA composition development fund
April - Sound and visual installation work in collaboration with Mio Ebisu at Fundevogel which multi-media composition and audience perception (Todmorden, UK)
March - Resident with Part Wild Horses Main on Both Sides at experimental music festival Borealis Festival (Bergen, Norway)
February - August selected to participate in Take 5 artist development scheme where I was mentored by musician and musicologist David Toop
February - Andreae/Lash/Ullen UK tour

November - My Massive Monochord sound installation with David Birchall at The Penthouse and publication of documentary material (Manchester, Arts Council England supported)
May - Japan tour with Daysuke Takaoka and residency at Paradise AIR communtiy art project in Matsudo (japan)
February - residency at STEIM in Amsterdam to develop electro-acoustic saxophone performance devices

2008 BMus Hons from The Royal Northern College of Music
2011 Nordic Master of Jazz from Helsinki Music Conservatory; Royal College of Music Stockholm; Arhus Royal Conservatory; Trondheim College of Music

2006 - 2016 individual and group teaching in the area of jazz, classical, improvisation and composition
2008 - 2009 Saxophone tutor at Manchester University
2013 - 2015 Workshops at The Royal Northern College of Music (Rock & Pop
Course), EMS (Electronic Music Centre in Stockholm), Verantworung300 Festival, Leeds College of Music and Macclesfield Music Centre